The Archive

a contemporary vision of a library – an interactive community space for creative exploration, education, and conversation

Dedicated to Middle Eastern and North African art literature, The Archive promotes the heavy artistic literary history of the region and its magnificent transformation into the 21st century. With books on regional photography, architecture, art, calligraphy, art history, textiles, and interior design, as well as children’s books, it is a place that nurtures art and literature in all forms, and promotes the MENA region as a culture of creativity.

Situated within Safa Park, Dubai, The Archive is housed in an original park facilities building, originally built in 1975. It has been repurposed and redesigned to provide a hub for the community to participate in workshops, clubs, talks, and classes, or to simply read a book or socialise. With a modern espresso bar and contemporary café, visitors are able to enjoy their stay comfortably in the centre of the park.