Khazzan x Cadillac

a context-relevant urban space that works to engage the community by creating a social, educational, and sustainable environment

Khazzan x Cadillac is a contemporary urban intervention in Khazzan Park, a historic community space situated in one of Dubai’s oldest residential neighbourhoods.

Built in the 1980s, Khazzan Park is most commonly known for its traditional water tower, a landmark structure that has become an integral part of Dubai’s urban fabric.

Building on the park’s intrinsic character and rich history, Khazzan x Cadillac works as a platform to encourage a diverse and active cultural community through intellectual exploration and entertainment. With a library, park, gallery, and café, the dynamic space looks to empower the community through social, cultural, economic, and environmental engagement.

Khazzan x Cadillac’s unique design honours the United Arab Emirate’s heritage and is mindful of its natural resources. The space was designed using sustainable architectural elements, reused materials from around the country (such as recycled native coral stones, shipping containers, and reclaimed dhow wood), and is powered using solar energy.