Hai d3

named after the Arabic term for neighbourhood, Hai d3 helps to seed Dubai’s new design district with its pop-up cargotecture and blueprint for a budding art and design community

Based in Dubai Design District (d3), a design-centric development that nurtures local talent, attracts international talent, and promotes a collaborative and constructive environment, Hai d3 is a creative hub and a building block in the master plan to develop a purpose-built neighbourhood for Dubai’s creative community.

The contemporary space has been uniquely designed with traditional architectural elements and features native to the region’s urban heritage – notably, the wind tower or badgir, a mechanism used historically for natural ventilating and cooling spaces.

Hai d3’s Arabian neighbourhood-styled layout features art galleries, workshops, a library, retail space, café, prayer rooms, outdoor terraces, and landscaped courtyards. The space exists as a miniature version of the much larger d3, an exciting meeting place where creative minds can realise their dreams, aspiring designers can learn their trade, and local talent can work alongside international art and fashion houses.